Any recommended open source identity providers?


I am considering to use Hydra but I don’t have a good identity provider in mind.

I am looking for open source identity provider with at least some of:

  • Good API’s
  • Open source
  • Cloud native or easy to deploy (microservice)
  • Preferably Node.js/go/python
  • Some kind of Admin-ui to manage users
  • Integrates nicely with Hydra
  • Supports email based password reset flows

I have used Keycloak in the past but I am not very satisfied on the Admin UI so I am looking for alternatives.

What are your recommendations or experiences with Identity providers with Hydra?


Such a product does not exist - that’s why we’re working on one! But it will take at least half a year before you’ll see a public pre-release.


Hi arekkas. Any updates on an Ory identity provider? We’re using Hydra and would like to swap out our IDP. Is this still a active priority and do you have a rough updated eta? Thanks so much!


Major priority, first we need to get Hydra to 1.0 though!


Any updates on a Ory identity provider?


Yes, we’re making really good progress. Source code is not public at the moment and we’re doing PoC’s with selected companies in combination with a cloud service. It will be at least 2-3 months before the source code is released under a public license. We have capacity left for about 2-3 companies in our PoC program. If you’re interested drop us a line: [email protected]