Ory Kratos flow for microservice architecture

Hi, in the documentation there’s an example on how to use Kratos with single node.js app. What would be the approach when using Kratos with microservice architecture? Usually auth service would issue JWT token that other services can validate, get the content of it, etc

Isn’t that explained in the docs and demo? The NodeJS app does receive a JWT, issued by ORY Oathkeeper (Reverse Proxy). This of course works not only with a single NodeJS app but also multiple apps in multiple languages.

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Ah sorry, I thought that Kratos should issue JWT tokens but saw that it generate cookies, maybe I misunderstood that part and got confused. Anyway, seems like I have to go through that demo more thoroughly then. Thank you @aeneasr

Feel free to ask questions here if any arise, and let me know if the documentation is unclear :slight_smile: